Finally, a smarter way to get your home LPG gas...

LPGenius Fast & Easy Home LPG Gas

 EFFORTLESS LPG™ with automatic deliveries

Five LPGenius Fast & Easy Ways to Get Your LPG Gas Deliveries:


1. Choose LPGenius Automatic Delivery Service and you never have to order!

2. Online Ordering of gas bottles including special instructions, confirmations and scheduling.

3. Mobile Friendly ordering of gas bottles with any smart phone.  No apps required.

4. Use Text (SMS) to order your gas bottles with any mobile phone and get SMS confirmation. 

5. Automated Telephone Ordering with any telephone keypad.


Please see Info for New Users of Home LPG Gas


Five LPGenius® Fast & Easy LPG Gas Payment Options:


1. Direct Debit automatic payments so you never have to call or go online!

2. Bpay with your phone or online banking.

3. Online Credit Card Payments through our regular or mobile web sites.

4. Automated telephone credit card payments.


It's all backed up by fast, safe and reliable local branches with great service & friendly people. 

And if you do need to chat, you can talk to our local staff and not some overseas call centre.


New customers get $80 worth of LPG gas credits!


New customers get $80 worth of gas credits with our LPG Gas Bonus Package!


Please see our LPG Gas Bottle Sizes page for more information




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With LPGenius It's Fast and Easy!

We do it all for you including the return of any current bottles.  

Just sit back and relax while we take care of everything!



Get $80 of LPG Gas Credits

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