LPG Bushfire Safety




What to do with an LPG Gas cylinder before evacuating:

  • Turn it off (in clockwise direction) at valve on top of the bottle

  • Leave the bottle or cylinder where it has been installed

  • Leave the bottle or cylinder in an upright position

  • Ensure it is secured to a solid structure and on a solid base to prevent it falling over, with the vent facing away from buildings

  • Place LP Gas bottles/cylinders attached to a wooden framed BBQ on a solid base

  • Remove any combustible materials surrounding the bottle

  • Make sure there are no bottles or cylinders stored indoors or underneath the property, including BBQ cylinders (4kg and 9kg).

  • If exposed to heat, and if safe to do so, hose down the cylinders with water to reduce the pressure.

LP Gas bottles/cylinders should be secured in an upright position. They are designed to vent gas if they become over-pressurised or when heated.


What NOT to do with an LPG Gas cylinder before evacuating:

  • Never place it inside a house or structure during a fire as it can present a hazard to firefighters

  • Never lay it on its side

  • Never cover it with wet material to it keep cool – these materials may dry out and burn, heating the bottle/cylinder



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